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Trailer Traveling with the Amazing Rhino Hitch 

Trailer traveling became popular in the 1920s when Americans learned and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of traveling by trailers. Today, more and more people explore the joys of a mobile vacation home, looking for perfect trailers for living and utility trailers for their belongings. However, traveling by camper sometimes means two trucks, three trailers, and five different hitches. 

Traveling with Regular Hitches

Usually, today trailers for traveling come in a great number of sizes and personalities to fit every budget and wish list of activities. Moreover, the hitches should be powerful enough so that they do not encounter problems when towing RVs, boats, motorcycles, and other toys. Yet, they are too complicated to be convenient in any real work or play environment, and the tow vehicle's optimum pulling capability and tongue weight are limiting elements. As a result, the traveling experience may turn out to be unpleasant. Carrying out too many hitches for the different devices.

But what if there was a solution to get people out of work mode and into play mode in less time with less effort and less equipment?  Well, there is! Here, at Rhino Hitch Inc., we wanted to make a top-notch piece that combines all of the most popular features a trap needs into a single unit while keeping it level and safe. Furthermore, with few moving parts fastened by industrial-strength screws, the Rhino Hitch ensures a trailer traveling experience with the most height adjustability in just one hitch.

Traveling with The Astonishing Rhino Hitch

When using the top-notch Rhino Hitch, people can enjoy spending a day on the lake in a boat, using a motorhome for a trip to the dunes, or traveling with their RVs without worrying about their hitches. The Rhino Hitch allows you to adjust your trailer's tongue height without disconnecting it. You simply pull a pin and adjust it anywhere you want. Therefore, the Rhino Hitch accommodates any trailer travel plan. This revolutionary work of art will make all your towing dreams come true.

Who is Rhino Hitch?

Rhino Hitch Inc. is an American company located in scenic Salt Lake, Utah. We are proud to have upgraded and perfected the modern-day tow hitch by carefully cutting the extruded 6061 billet aluminum plates, receivers, and ball mounts in-house. We also take care of boxing and shipping. Therefore, we are very confident that our hitches will meet, or exceed, your expectations.



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