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The Advantages of Using a Trailer Hitch 

When people use trailers and automobile haulers, they can deal with objects that are too heavy or too long to be loaded on a truck without assistance. Tow trucks are a terrific method for hauling home appliances, livestock, and recreational vehicles, but not ideal for all situations. Those who have embraced hitch trailers discover that they double their trucks' carrying capacity, significantly lower the waiting time of trucks and drivers, and increase the incomes and/or cut down the ton-mile operating expense materially.  Yet, the optimum pulling capability and optimum tongue weight of the tow vehicle are limiting elements. 

Learn the Benefits of Using Tow Hitch Receivers with Rhino Hitch

Using a trailer hitch possesses a lot of benefits as an additional tool for any truck. As an industry, the manufacture of tow hitches dates back only half a dozen years. It has now grown to more than seventy-five trailer makers in the country. However, here at Rhino Hitch Inc., we wanted to make the best trailer hitch that money can buy. Moreover, we came up with a top-notch piece that combines all the most popular features a trap needs into a single unit. Our hitch allows people to adjust the tongue height of the trailer without disconnecting it. They simply pull a pin and adjust it anywhere they want; easily and safely. 

Why Choose Rhino Hitch?

Located in scenic Salt Lake City, Utah, the adjustable Rhino Hitch is by far the best trailer hitch that money can buy. The Rhino Hitch is anodized aluminum which means it resists corrosion and has been manufactured to last for years of heavy-duty towing. Moreover, with over 15 years of testing, Rhino Hitch is confident that the 9″ of vertical travel will be what you need for your towing convenience. Best of all, their hitches are easy to use. Pull the side pin to move the trap up or down with your trailer jack to accommodate where your trailer needs to ride—keeping it level and safe.

Why do we believe our products exceed everyone's expectations?

With a max load capacity of either 10,000, 12,000, 14,000, or 16,000 pounds, we can state for sure that in our hitches, we'll meet your expectations. What we created became the heart of Rhino Hitch.  We are proud to have upgraded and perfected the modern-day tow hitch. And we are confident that we have made every truck owner's life easier and more efficient.  



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