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Rhino Hitch Inc. Presents the Most Versatile, Custom-Adjustable Hitch on the Market. 

Whether people are hauling a boat for a day on the lake, using a motorhome for a trip to the dunes, or working with a trailer full of equipment for their jobs, they need a safe tow hitch. Here at Rhino Hitch Inc., we wanted to make a top-notch piece that combines all of the most popular features a trap needs into a single unit, while keeping it level and safe. Furthermore, with few moving parts and fastened by industrial-strength screws, the Rhino Hitch ensures a lifetime of heavy lifting.

About Us

Located in scenic Salt Lake City, Utah, we proudly manufacture all of our parts in-house. We ensure that each hitch is quality checked, from cutting the extruded 6061 billet aluminum plates, receivers, ball mounts to assembly, boxing, and shipping. Ultimately, we can state for sure that in our hitches, we'll meet your expectations.

Our Top-Notch Products

Rhino Hitch products are both beautiful and strong. They are presented in three versions: The 2 "Receiver, with a max load capacity of 10,000 or 12,000 pounds. The 2.5" Receiver, with a max load capacity of 14,000 pounds and finally, the 3" Receiver, with a max load capacity of 16,000 pounds. These three beautiful pieces of technology provide a full 9 inches of vertical adjustment, keeping the trailer's deck level safe.

Furthermore, they are effortless to use. Simply adjust the hitch to the trailers without worrying about unhooking or re-hooking. It also allows you to adjust the tongue height of the trailer without disconnecting. Simply pull a pin and adjust it anywhere you want. Ultimately, we can state that the Rhino Hitch products are the most versatile, custom adjustable hitches on the market today.

Why are we so proud of our products?

What we created became the heart of Rhino Hitch.  We are proud to have upgraded and perfected the modern-day tow hitch. And we are confident that we have made every truck owner's life easier and more efficient.



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