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Rhino Hitch Educates Us On Trailer Hitches

Most Americans will probably already know something about trailer hitches, but it could be something completely unknown for others. They already know that many vehicles can tow other vehicles, such as a trailer, caravan, or boat. Yet, do they really know which are the most convenient and safe to use? Let’s compare the standard hitch to the Rhino Hitch.

How Standard Hitches Are Used

There is more than one type of hitch, but the most common is the ball-type hitch. These are welded directly onto the vehicle and are renowned for having a ball-like rounded lump of metal on the top of them. Most commonly, the ball on the hitch is removable, but there to cover the actual workings of the receiver, parts of which are sharp, dangerous pieces of metal. Without the ball on top, these hitches could cause damage to people walking around the back of the vehicle, so it is a bad idea to remove the ball unless it is vitally necessary. The workings can also be covered with general dirt from the roads if the cover is not on, and this can prevent trailers from being attached without good cleaning being done before it.

Why The Rhino Hitch Makes All The Difference

As mentioned previously, the ball is the most common type of hitch cover. However, it isn't the most exciting design, and it could also be dangerous. That is why, here at Rhino Hitch Inc, we wanted to make a tow hitch that combined all the most popular features a trap needed into a single unit; Providing full adjust-ability without the inconvenience of having to unhook and re-hook a trailer. 

No more fishtailing, uneven tire wear or having multiple receivers with different heights.  Simply lower your landing gear on the trailer, pull the adjustment pin and raise or lower the trailer with the jack. Put the adjustment pin back into place, stow the trailer jack and hit the road. It’s that simple!  Furthermore, with few moving parts and fastened by industrial-strength screws, the Rhino Hitch ensures a lifetime of safe, heavy lifting.

About Us

Located in scenic Salt Lake City, Utah, we proudly manufacture all our parts in-house. We ensure that each hitch is quality checked, from cutting the extruded 6061 billet aluminum plates, receivers, ball mounts to assembly, boxing, and shipping. Ultimately, we can state that our hitches will meet, or exceed, your expectations.



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